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  1. Ngag-wang-pal-dan's Explanation of the Treatise "Ornament for the Clear Realizations" From the Approach of the Meaning of the Words: the Sacred Word of Maitreyanātha. By Jeffrey Hopkins and Jongbok Yi

  2. The Hidden Teaching of the Perfection of Wisdom Sutras: Jam-yang-shay-pa's Seventy Topics and Kön-chog-jig-may-wang-po's 173 Aspects, Latest version. By Jeffrey Hopkins and Jongbok Yi; and offering Jongbok Yi's Mind Map Presentations of the Seventy Topics, Eight Categories, and 173 Aspects.

  3. Principles for Practice: Jam-yang-shay-pa on the Four Reliances with Ngag-wang-pal-dan's Annotations. Latest version. By William Magee

  4. The Opposite of Emptiness in the Middle Way Autonomy School: Jam-yang-shay-pa's Great Exposition of the Middle. Latest version. By Jongbok Yi (also available for download with iBooks)

  5. Jeffrey Hopkins’ Easy Access to Jam-yang-shay-pa’s Maps of the Profound: Autonomy School. Latest version. Translated into Chinese by Su-an Lin with English Introduction

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